W.8 The Crossfit Games Open is upon us

Its a new week, and for some of us its the beginning of a 5week long fun journey on testing how our fitness have improved of the last year.
For the newer members it is an awesome way to set a benchmark for upcoming years to strive to be better every single year.

I, like 98% of the Open attendance don’t have the capacity to get to the Competing Scene of the Elite but as the Community Grows it is a chance to see where you stack up to your peers from year to year.
I finished place 9042 Worldwide last year out of roughly 170000 Starting Male participants.
My goal for the Open is to improve that number to be fitter each year as i get older.

Join us for the Open every Saturday 09:30 for 5 weeks.

Sign up here: games.crossfit.com to be able to set a benchmark to beat the upcoming years.

Skärmklipp 2017-02-19 08.25.37