V.12 Prog 2020

There is a lot happening around the world regarding the Corona Virus and many challenges lies ahead in the near future.
Our goal is as always to provide a friendly and safe environment for you to train in, and we will continue doing it as a healthy and strong body can handle any infections better.
All we ask that you will help us in to keep doing that and support us thru this as it will be hard for everyone but also for Crossfit Lund.

As from know we are updating the policies set in place and and also what next step is into battling this if things escalates.
Phase 1 applies starting know 15/3.

Phase 1:

•  If you have been abroad in the last 14 days please stay at home
• Everyone with symptoms of respiratory infection, even minor, is prompted to avoid social contacts that is in the risk off infection.
• Wash your hands often, be thoughtful to others and wash your hands prior your workout and after the workout to minimize an risk
• At the end of a workout we will take the time to disinfect and wipe ALL the equipment after the workout. That includes Barbells, pullup bars Dumbbells, KBs, Rowers/Bikes etc. That includes Open Gym and training on your own. This is a requirement to train in the box.
• We do not recommend any physical contact – so No High Fives etc. Air Fives or applause is awesome though.
• Open Gym Limits, as it can be a bit crowded on Peak Hours, we recommend that If you can train ”Off Peak Hour”
• The Class Training Program will be changed to maximize the distance between participants.
• For you all members that is at home there will be a workout posted on our website daily to do at home, off course if you are sick you shouldn’t train at all.

Phase 2:

• Phase 1 + the things listed below.
• No Team-WODs
• Fewer Participants in classes to space things up even more.
• Open Gym will be limited to staffed hours only and booked thru the booking system, to be able to make sure disinfectant and cleaning rules is being implemented.

Moving from Phase 1 to Phase 2 isn’t something we want but if deemed necessary will happen.
Countries all over the world are imposing quarantines and are temporary shutting down facilities, help us make sure that this won’t happen and stop this know.
A quarantine from the government is something we do not want to happen.