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New Training Cycle

Even if you are new to Crossfit or did´t do  the Open you probably haven´t missed that last couple of weeks buzz in the box.

Now the Crossfit Games Season is over and done for most of us, and its time to reflect over the result of the last years training.

What do you need to do, to step up your game?

Today is the first day of a 8 week training cycle in the box, the programming will include a general strength program that will rotate which day we do each movement.

The goal is to increase your strength while increasing your skill work and conditioning during these 8 weeks.

To get the most benefit of the program and get the most gains we suggest as always to start a training log on the basic lifts.
How ”hardcore” you want to be is all up to you, you could get a Calendar to write down everything you do each week or just go the most simplest way to assure you create the best conditions for you to prosper, use your phones note software and note date/excersise and weight.

If you miss a lifting day, don´t worry.

Either take some extra time at open gym to do an extra lift prior/after your next session or just do it the next time it shows at class you are attending.

Be smart, show up, work hard and progress will be there.

Exercises and progressions  


4sets of 5 last set is an amrap

add 2% each session Starting weight: 70% of 1RM

Deadlift ladder

5 rep Ladder start at 5kg/.5kg higher than last session add 5kg/2.5kg each set x 4 sets last set you do as many reps as possible, stop before you loose form.

First time doing the ladder: first set starts at 55% of 1RM.

e.g 1RM=180 180*0,55=100kg work sets 5*100, 5*105, 5*110, 5*115kg


Here is a sample of the template we will use and what day we will focus on what, the ”blank” space each week we will use to fill in the gaps of your fitness with skill work, long wods, short intense etc so be prepared for just about anything as usual.

It will continue past week 18 😉

Skärmklipp 2016-04-04 13.01.08