Programming notes

Train smarter Not harder
Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and I wish you all the very best for 2017. It is time to get back into it and i have some updates regarding the Programming.

In 48 days the Crossfit Games Open Starts.

Firstly, allow me to explain what the CrossFit Games Open is for those of you who may be unfamiliar. The CrossFit Games are the ultimate test of Fitness and The Open is the first stage of the competition. It consists of 5 workouts released weekly over a series of 5 weeks. These are completed in the box and are subbmitted online where you´ll be ranked alongside the rest of the world. It is inclusive to everyone and is a fantastic community builder. There is only one official Crossfit competition and this is it.

And to make more inclusive for us in the box, this year we will do something called ”The Intramural Open”, more info will be up shortly 😉

The Crossfit Open is about the unknown and the unknowable and the training over the year has been focused on giving us a broad general and inclusive fitness. But to prepare even better for this upcoming open our program will target specific areas of fitness that are exposed every year in the Open.
But since the Open started in 2011 there are some movements that have been standardized and are heavily used.

What we se every year is Double Unders, Toes to Bar, Wallballs, Thrusters, Chest to Bar Pullups, Snatch.
More advanced movements like Muscleup (Bar or Rings) also shows up in the later part of the Open.

Over the years the workouts have changed, some repeats have occurred thou, but whats obvious is the weakness in putting skills together when fatigued.

How a certain movements just slows the workout down a couple of minutes in to the WOD.
This is a result of the standard way of training with strength and WOD type of programming.
Its an awesome way to gain strength in the lifts wether it is 1RM or 3RM, which can increase the possibility of increased fitness.
But ultimately it leads to just practicing when you are rested or hitting intense WODs pre-fatigued and not being able to push hard when it matters.

The upcoming programming will incorporate typical Crossfit Open movements in many different ways.

What combos will we see this year? Wallballs, Cal Rows or Snatch, Toes to Bar?

Or will there be new movements in the open like the Triple Under?


Leading up to the Open, the programming will have more sessions that include:

▪ Skills and drills: A set time to work on skill development whether it will be nailing the first Bar Muscle up or Handstand (wait handstand in the open? yes i believe so)

▪ Reduced volume, increased intensity! Most workouts will be of the shorter kind were intensity is the key.
Sure you feel tired after a 30min+ WOD, but keeping the intensity high is the key to pushing boundaries of fitness.
Don´t fall in the trap that Volume is the key to success, thats the easy way. Train Smarter.

▪ Strength Maintenance. Some days will include pure strength parts.
It could be EMOM style, a 10min Ramp-up to a heavy set and more.
These are there for strength maintenance and maybe some gains.
They doesn’t take that much to do and you are not expected to hit a PR during this time.

▪ Extra Credit – There will be some days that will have extra work either before or after the WOD. These can be used as pure accessory work or improving technique in fatigued state.
Remember less is more, the Games Athlete train differently but remember they have been doing this for a long time and the demand on those athletes are different.
And of course they train way more than an hour each day.
The goal is to give you better results, and the adaption is in the intended intensity, not the volume.
In the longterm, less is more.