CrossFit Lund Mobility Seminar

Corona regulations: Each Attendee will have their own equipment and a designated area to use.

Sanitize hands prior to starting the session and immediately afterward, the same for any equipment you will use. 

Do you experience lingering muscle aches, or do you have challenges maintaining optimal posture through certain exercises? We will be hosting a mobility seminar on Saturday, November 21st, 14:15-17:00. Mobility challenges are inevitable for anyone following a rigorous fitness program such as CrossFit, and spending time developing this area is essential for novice athletes to gain full range of motion (ROM), as well as advanced athletes to perform movements optimally and execute metcons at their highest capacity. 

The seminar will focus on general mobility practices. Over the course of a few hours, we will briefly touch on the foundations for mobility (the why and how it works), and spend the majority of our time working through mobility exercises to target the most common challenges we experience in CrossFit. We will particularly be focusing on improving the overhead position as well as squat depth. At the end of the seminar, attendees will have increased ROM, as well as gain a framework for how to troubleshoot future mobility challenges. 

Who is this seminar for?

The seminar is for anyone who has or currently is experiencing mobility challenges. Athletes who have never used aids such as foam rollers or tennis/lacrosse balls or bands will learn the most, however those who have not received any formal instruction in these methods will stand much to gain as well. 

When?Saturday, November 21st, 14:15-17:00
Availability:Max capacity 14Minimum capacity 6
Price:225SEK members350SEK non-members
Format:One time meeting for 2:45 hours. Course contents: a brief introduction to mobility work as a concept, the majority of course time will be spent on going through mobility exercises coupled with “test/re-test” movements to see how individuals benefit from the mobility work. Q&A, conclusions, and a framework for continuous development will take place at the end.
Registration linkMember
Coach:Garrett Moberg, CrossFit Coach

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