CrossFit Lund Gymnastics Seminar

Have you been training a while but still seem to struggle with gymnastics elements during WODs? We will be hosting a gymnastics skill seminar on Sunday September 20th, 13:15-16:00. Gymnastics movements require a high level of skill as well as core strength, and will benefit other aspects of your training in addition to helping improve your times on workouts.

The seminar will focus on the bar muscle-up and handstand push-up (HSPU). Over the course of a few hours, we will cover theoretical components, mobility, as well as hands-on coaching to help athletes improve these movement patterns. Progressions will be provided, as well as suggestions for continued development at seminar completion.

Who is this seminar for?

The content is geared towards athletes who are working towards their bar muscle ups and/or handstand push-ups. While beginners should not expect to get their first bar muscle-up, the progressions will be helpful to continue to practice beyond the seminar (but magical first reps are encouraged!). Athletes with a basic proficiency in the movements will learn how to improve their reps and practice. If you can do a chest-to-bar pull-up, you’re in range for a muscle-up.

When?Sunday September 20th, 13:15-16:00
AvailabilityMax capacity 14Minimum capacity 6
Price225SEK members, 350SEK non-members
FormatOne time meeting for 2:45 hours. Course contents: overview of the theoretical components covering the bar muscle-up & HSPU, mobility exercises, hands-on coaching through movement drills, and suggested exercises to continue development. 
Registration linkMember Non-member
CoachGarrett Moberg, CrossFit Coach

For additional information or questions, e-mail