9/6 CF Lund Home Adapted Workout
Minimal Equipment / No – Gear
Athlean X Mobility Warmup
10 reps of each movement in the video.

WOD prep, 3-5reps of every movement prior to starting.

Amrap 25min
20 Gobletsquats
200m run
200m run
20 Burpees
200m run
20 Stepups
200m run
20 Single arm OHS
200m run

Weight for goblet, SDLHP, Single Arm, pick a weight/object that is challenging for you.
If you are not having a DB/KB, try to find something with a handle

Single arm OHS is pretty advanced movement which requires a pretty decent flexibility.
Give it a go but maybe change the loading or range of motion to suit your ROM, if its not doable do a front rack squat with you DB/KB/Object.