9/5 CF Lund Home Adapted Workout
Minimal Equipment / No – Gear
3Rounds of:
5 x 1 Inchworm to 2 pushups
10 Good mornings
10 Reverse Lunges
4/4 Bird Dog

Every 2min x 4
1) Bulgarian split squats 5-7 reps per leg
Tempo: 3s Down
2) Wide Grip Pushups 8-12 reps
Tempo: 3s Down, 2s Paus in the Bottom, explode up.

Bulgarian split squat hold on to something if you can keep the form.

Every 2min x 4
1) Vertical Leg crunch 10-20 reps
2) Lying side crunch 10-15 reps per side
3) 10-15 Goodmornings

10 rounds of:
30 seconds handstand hold*
30 seconds isometric squat

Score is cummulative time.

*Pick one of the progressions in the video.