3/7 CF Lund Home WOD
Minimal Equipment / No -Gear
A: Movement Complex Warmup

B: General Warmup
2 rounds of:
20 Jumping Jacks
10 reps T-spine opener quadrupled per each side

2 rounds of:
20 grasshoppers
10 KB/DB/Rucksack swings

E2M x 5 sets
5-7 Goblet squats
Tempo: 4020
Directly into:
Odd: goodmornings, 10-15reps, Banded or weighted if possible.
Even: T-pushups 4-8 reps per side

B: 3 RFT
50 Airsquats
20 Ground to overhead with both hands, use an odd object with a decent weight.
15 Hand release Pushups