29/3 CF Lund Home adapted Workout

I Boxen körs Tyngdlyftning och Sunday Roast.
Dagens Hemma pass är 2 varianter av Konditions Pass, det ena utomhus i löper spåret, det andra inomhus.

1-2km Jog/run/walk

Its a warmup keep it slow and steady to get the body going.

Danish Military Speed Test

Put 2 Cones/marks 20m apart,
Put a cone/mark between the 2
cones at the 10m spot.

Work Flow
30s On, 30s off x 10

Run Back and forth between the 20m cones during the 30s Work,
1 point for every 20m, half a point if you just finish 10m in the last 20m attempt each 30s.

Note: Eligible for Deployment in the Danish army its required to get a total of 59points.
Amrap 8min
5 Down-ups
5m Ostrich walk
10m Spiderman walk
3/3 Rotational wallbridge
10 Scapula Pushups

4 rounds of:
25 lunges
50 squats