22/6 CF Lund Home WOD
Minimal Equipment / No – Gear
6min Amrap
2 pushups + 1 inchworm x 5
10 KB swings
10 Reverse Lunges
3 Rotational Tabletop hold on each side

3Rounds of:
Amrap 3min
14 DB/KB snatches
2 x 5m DB/KB SA OH walking lunges

Rest 1min

Amrap 3min
8 Toes To Bar
8 Boxjump over

Rest 1min

A lot of movements that require some stuff to do at home, but with some ingenuity its just a matter of adaptation to get similar training response.

DB Snatches – > KB snatches or Snatch/ground to overhead with an odd object.
OH walking lunges, singel arm with an object overhead, not enough space for walking, pace on the same spot.

Toes To Bar: a kipping movement is the best option but chanign to v-ups/tuck-ups is valid substitute.

Boxjump over: well depends on what you have available but either regular boxjumps or stepups ( if you dont have anything you trust to jump on, i dont 😉 )