16/6 CF Lund Home WOD
Minimal equipment / No-gear

Mobility warmup
Movement Complex Warmup

General warmup:

2 rounds of:200m run
5 Burpees10 Scorpions


40 KB/DB Clean and jerks
4 Rounds of ”Mary”
30 KB/DB Clean and jerks
3 Rounds of ”Mary”
20 KB/DB Clean and jerks
2 Rounds of ”Mary”

10 Pistols, alt leg
15 Pullups

HSPU: box hspu or pike handstand pushups if HSPU is a no go
Pistols: scale to sit to a box or reversed lunges
Pullups: table rows is a good substitute, if you only have the option to do strict pullups, scaling down the reps a noch can be a good idea.